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A free platform for Arab students to access admission resources from top university graduates.


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Who Are We? 

We are a community of Arab students and professionals who graduated from different universities across the globe. We share a set of values and a deep passion for education. We created Bridges because we are keen to share resources to help ambitious students realize their educational dreams of studying abroad.

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Hagar Mahmoud

This is a great platform that fills a huge gap in our society. We need more people willing to share and willing to include other less informed people. Thank You for such a great initiative. It could be a game-changer for a lot of students and young people! To the founders of this Amazing initiative, specifically Dr. Rana El Kahwagi and Nourhan Shaaban, thank you for empowering those who are trying and encouraging those who are still afraid!


Reading others' experiences on Bridges Admissions is very inspiring and refreshing. This encouraged me to share my own experience of studying abroad, especially that I get asked too many times about the process of applying to my field of study. Now I can easily share with anyone interested, all the information needed to start the process, available in one place.
I highly recommend this platform to anyone considering to study abroad and looking for accessible resources or simply looking for encouragement to take the initial step and pursue it.

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I am very happy to have spoken with Nourhan and Rana, the founders of Bridges, the free platform aiomed at helping Arab students access information, resources, and experiences across fields. I invite my friends who studied abroad to contact them and to share their stories. 

Bridges admission is a (very promising) free platform created to share resources, knowledge and experiences about studying abroad to Arab (prospective) students.

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