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Camp Rising Sun - Mohamed Shaaban

Updated: May 19, 2020

Mohamed, tell us more about yourself.

I grew up in Alexandria, Egypt. I am currently a freshman studying Computer Science at Jacobs University here in Bremen (Germany). My biggest two passions are computer science and parkour.

What was Camp Rising Sun like?

It was a really amazing experience, traveling alone at the age of 15, going to New York for the first time, having a host family for 2 days, spending time at the camp, meeting so many wonderful people. The 4 weeks at the camp were really amazing and I made great friends from all over the world. I learned a lot about leadership through many experiences there.

When did you consider applying for the Camp Rising Sun?

I considered applying when I was in 10th grade. As I read more about the program and went through the gallery, it seems like a really fun and interesting opportunity. It also offered a full scholarship, inclusive of tuition, meals, and lodging costs.

How did you prepare for your application?

The hardest part of the application process were the essay questions and recommendation letters. You have to be thoughtful about your essays and they can take some time. Requesting recommendation letters can also take time. I also had to gather a list of extracurricular and leadership activities for the first time. I would say applying for the program helped me figure out how to apply - which was helpful later when I applied to college.

Who should apply?

You should definitely apply if you are from 14 to 16 years old. You get to visit New York, experience new things, and make wonderful friends. I also learned a lot about leadership and what it means. Check this link out:

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