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Hi all,


As we write this, our world is going through a pandemic, COVID-19. With the shutting down of much activity, we were a bit freer now. We have a break from the craziness of our academic and professional lives, and we decided we should use part of this free time to work on an idea we discussed countless times. We wanted to build a platform where students, Arab students, can access resources.

Studying at a top university abroad can be an unparalleled opportunity. For some of us, this opportunity would not have been possible had we not received full scholarships. 


Throughout the past decade, we tried to share what we learned - answered emails and calls, met with students, edited essays - but it was all done in a personal capacity and in a fragmented way. We, along with many Arabs who studied abroad, often felt like we were sharing the same thing over and over. 


Resources are abundant online, and yet there is very little that specifically targets our region with its unique challenges. For example, we got asked about how a teacher who does not speak English can write a recommendation letter? Whether there is a resource in Arabic for a parent to read? Or whether there are any scholarships for Arab students? Or whether there are Arabs at these top universities?


This website is our effort to gather what we have learned through our experience and to welcome others to share what they learned as well. We also created a forum where students can learn from each other. 


We received support along the way, and hope that this website is our opportunity to pay it forward. 


All the best,

Founding team

Image by Daniel Öberg
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