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Great Free Resources to Learn Online

We receive questions from students who ask us: How can I improve myself? How can I learn and grow?

Not everyone has access to the internet. For those who have this privilege, we have access to endless educational resources. You can literally take online courses by Nobel Prize winners and world-renowned thinkers and professors from top universities. This could be a great way to explore different topics and to expand your mind. Here are some resources we trust which we want to share with you


  • We are particularly excited about Edraak which is the first educational platform that specifically targets the Arab world. You will find an incredible wealth of courses in Arabic.


  • Coursera was founded by two Stanford Professors. The website includes courses across different fields including psychology, data science, history and programming.

Khan Academy

  • Khan academy is a gem for students, and everything offered here is totally free. They also offer free SAT resources!


  • Edx includes lectures from universities such as Harvard and MIT.

  • So many prominent thinkers and leaders have given TED talks over the years. The talks tend to be relatively short. TED talks are a great way to explore a variety of topics and ideas.

Yalla let’s learn and grow! What are your favorite online educational tools? If you have other ideas, we’d love to hear them on our forum.

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